Beat the heat, it's early morning cars and coffee at the Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering

If you're standing in the garage looking at the motorcycle or Mustang, jump on that bike and head over to the monthly Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering.  It's motorbike month and we'll be putting them all on the spotlight row this month.  There's always quite the assortment.  If you don't have the two wheeled cruiser, that's ok, jump in the car and bring it out as usual.  Hang with the gang and talk horsepower or your restoration project.

We'll be a little short-handed this month so have a little patience with Peter and Matt F as they direct traffic....maybe even offer a little assistance as they put out and pick up signs, barricades and garbage bins.

As always, directions, times, and rules can all be found at:

This yellow bouquet is for Mom!

This yellow bouquet is for Mom!

May 5th Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering

It's May again, and as we've done for several years now, we're lining up everything yellow as a celebration for Mothers Day.  We'll be blocking off and reserving the spaces along the central driveway for yellow cars.  Each year it's gotten bigger and bigger and we're excited to see what people bring out this year!  Here's roughly how we think it will lay out:

You may also notice that we are remarking the parking for the European marques.  Instead of specific rows for German, British, Italian, etc, we are re-labeling to generically European.   

Future months spotlight at SMG

We've updated the calendar on our website with the planned monthly spotlight so you can see what's coming. These are tentative as we occasionally make changes or switch between months in order to accommodate special guests and cars that may be in town.  


If you would like to promote your business, and in turn support the existence of our monthly event, head on over to our sponsorship page: 
Sponsors cover our expenses and without them we couldn't put this event together.  

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If you take pictures, don't forget to tag them using our hashtag #sswcars

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Head's up - a parking shuffle this weekend for the April Gathering!

Head's up - a parking shuffle this weekend for the April Gathering!

Ok gang - we've got another parking dance happening this weekend.  We'll be shuffling to the west and getting display cars out of the parking lot that is located in front of Ashley Furniture and Hobby Lobby.  We're not reducing any space, just moving a little to the west.  In an effort to cause as little confusion as possible we'll try to only move the car groups that are necessary.  See the parking map below.  

The American section (yellow) will stay in place and we'll expand to northward to utilize the entire area.  This should be 322 spaces and larger than the previous footprint.

The Asian section should be roughly in the same area as before.  On the right side of the green area, it is now 68 spaces.  This should be slightly more than before and won't be affected by spectator parking like before.

The German, British, and Motorcycle section (green) is the largest affected and will move to the west on the other side of the American and Asian section.  Motorcycles will be in the triangular-shaped area.  We should also have a pretty decent sized area for miscellaneous makes and expansion.

In an effort to keep the Monthly Spotlight Row near the center of the event, we're going to line up along the driveway on the north side of the red section.  We'll fill in the shorter rows below that with the Italian and other special guests.  Because we will have traffic going both directions on the driveway and turning both left and right, this could be our big bottleneck during the morning arrival.  Please be patient as we try to work out the logistics.  

We will be saving space for Denny's customers to the south of the red area.  PLEASE DON'T USE THAT AREA - EVEN IF YOU PLAN TO GO TO DENNY'S.  We want to save that area for those Denny's customers that are not part of our event, especially any elderly customers that need to park closer to the restaurant.

Our little event has been quite a success and we want to continue to be welcome.  Please be courteous of the tenant businesses and their needs and support those that are open during our event.  See you Saturday!

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Scottsdale 101 new parking for April 2018 Plan.jpg

Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Where's the update?  Are you guys still there?
Are there pictures from Concours in the Hills?
Is there a monthly Motorsports Gathering this weekend?

Well, we went a little dark there for a few weeks as we recovered from two big weekends in a row.  We've been out of town for several weeks and Peter is still lost somewhere in Africa.  We hope he eventually makes it out.  

A recap of the 5th Annual Concours in the Hills:  

We had 719 vehicles, 78 sponsors, over 20,000 in attendance and $115,703 raised for Phoenix Children's Hospital.  New records in every category!
Pictures can be found here:
The folks at Riviera Broadcasting provided the sound system and put together this video:

On behalf of Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) and Scuderia Southwest (SSW) thank you for your support.  
Thanks to Riviera Broadcasting and Kern Entertainment our sound system and announcements were greatly improved. The many dedicated volunteers really kept traffic flowing and are very much appreciated. We could not have done this show without the enormous support from many people at PCH and Evolve PR. Thanks also to the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation and the USMC for the Cobra and Viper Helicopters - they were quite the attraction and we hope to have even more next year. As always many car clubs really helped get their members out and their cars parked. If we have overlooked anyone please forgive us but we are all still recovering.
A very special thanks to Mother Nature for a lovely sunny day.

And YES - We'll see you tomorrow, bright and early, for the monthly Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering - the BEST cars and coffee event in the country!

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