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Last week’s December Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering
Wow! Thanks everybody for coming out this past Saturday for what was an amazing event. Terrific cars were everywhere. Row after row after row of amazing vehicles were lined up for everybody to enjoy and our Spotlight Row was overflowing with 200mph cars. Here are Mr Urbanic’s pictures, awesome as always:

We had 700-800 cars and over 3000 people! Thanks for supporting the MCSO Youth Assistance Foundation toy drive as well as the magazine collection for the VA Hospital. We do the magazine collection every month so keep ‘em coming.

Toy Drive to Phoenix Children’s Hospital
The Toy DRIVE to Phoenix Children’s Hospital is being planned for next Saturday the 15th. MattF and MattO are finalizing the time and meetup location. We’ll send out the details as soon as they have them.

January Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering
And now…next month…The auctions will be in full swing next month and the town will be full of car folks antsy to add to their collection. So, to celebrate that, for our January event we’ll be spotlighting collector cars. Collector Cars will be the center of attention and we’re in the process of identifying the creme-de-la-creme of collector cars. We’re looking for those older, rare, prized possessions that are hiding and seldom make it out. Those rare and perfect Jaguars, Mercedes Benz’s, Ferraris, Bugattis, from the 60’s and earlier. We’ll be looking for the pinnacle of American muscle, Corvette, Shelby, Mustang, Camaro. Only platinum-worthy need apply. Shoot us a note if you’ve got something that fits the bill.

Sign up now for the annual Concours in the Hills coming in February
Register by DECEMBER 31, 2018 for a chance to win a Maverick Grand Canyon Helicopter flight for two landing in the canyon for champagne and snacks – a $1,088 value!
Last February we had 749 cars, a Cobra and a Viper attack helicopter on display and it looks like we will have even more in 2019.
For 2019 we are once again expanding our display area so there will be lots more space between the cars, more food trucks, more washrooms, more to see and more fun!
We start doing the show layout months before and are in the park the whole week before the show marking up where each brand will go, where each sponsor and food truck goes, so we would really appreciate your help by registering early.
This is not a formal "white gloves" concours but an informal and fun car show for both imports
and domestics, so come out and enjoy yourself in what is without a doubt the most beautiful setting for a car show in the state, and best of all it’s on grass with lots of room between the cars. It is supported by most of the car clubs in the valley. In 2018 we raised over $117,000 for
Phoenix Children’s Hospital. We have now committed to raise $500,000 to build a very special playroom for the Oncology Department.
Register your car(s) now by clicking on the Green TICKETS button at:
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and having a display, please contact Peter at:

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LAST MINUTE REMINDER!  Whoa! Check out those speed limits in December!

LAST MINUTE REMINDER! Whoa! Check out those speed limits in December!

Just a last minute reminder before tomorrow morning’s big event. Don’t forget to bring a toy for the MCSO Youth Assistance Foundation!


Santa has quite a few options to kick up the speed in December. If he wants to get around quickly in one night, with a little help from December’s spotlight cars it should be no problem. He might however have a little more challenge sneaking up quietly! Yep, for December we’ll be lining up the spotlight row with cars that go 200mph or more. Where else can you go to see a Porsche 918 parked next to a LaFerrari and a McLaren P1 and Saleen S7 and a Maserati MC12 and a Ferrari Enzo and F12tdf? We have over 30 speed demons lined up so far. If you’ve got something truly special and it has a manufacturer-documented top speed over 200mph, then let us know and we’ll save you a spot. Sorry, don’t send us a note asking if 198mph is close enough…you’re traveling in the right lane this month!

Auction time is fast approaching and they’ll be out visiting us as well. Russo and Steele and Barrett-Jackson will both have booths set up for you to stop by.

Don’t forget to bring a toy or three for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Youth Assistance Foundation “Stuff the booking van” toy drive. Let’s pile it on!

Also remember to bring all of your used magazines each and every month for our regular VA Hospital distribution. ALL MAGAZINE TYPES are needed.

WORDS OF WISDOM - For those of you that can’t help yourselves when exiting the parking lot, we pay the Phoenix PD to be on site for security and they coordinate at our request with their on-duty pals to hang around Mayo Blvd to pass out personalized notes acknowledging your exceptional performance. If you want to experience thrilling speeds, don’t do it on Mayo - go talk to our friends at Apex about what they’ve got under construction just a few miles south of town.

Dates, times, directions…all here ->

An update from Scuderia Southwest...

An update from Scuderia Southwest...

We’ve finally gotten past the heat and the weather is great. We had another fantastic turnout last Saturday and you can see some pictures in our photo gallery here:

The photos for the past two years have just been amazing and again we’d like to thank David Urbanic for being our official photographer. David has done a great job and we’re sad to announce that we’ll be losing him. David has a new job that is taking him to Maryland. I’m sure the car season in Maryland is much shorter than Arizona so he’ll have to figure out what to do during those winter months…my bet is that he continues to watch our photo gallery to see the sweet cars in our awesome weather! Again, thanks David!

For December, we’ve decided to repeat last December’s great display - Over 200MPH Cars! We’ll line up all those cars that have an official published top speed of greater than 200mph. We think last year’s lineup was incredible and if you missed it, here’s your chance to see it.

We’ll also have several holiday-related fundraisers and donation activities going on throughout December. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Youth Assistance Foundation will be at our December 1st event with their “Stuff the booking van” toy drive. Bring a toy or two on that day to contribute!

Don’t forget that Concours in the Hills is coming in February and you can sign up today.

I’d like to take a little time to clear up some confusion among those that are new to our little gathering. Every week we receive emails, text and facebook messages, and even phone calls asking where our event is going to be for that particular weekend. We don’t do an event every weekend. The term “cars and coffee” is a generic term and hundreds of people use it for many events around the country and here in the greater Phoenix area. Our event is on the first Saturday every month - rain or shine, never cancelled and never rescheduled. Many people know us as Scottsdale Cars and Coffee, and we maintain a Facebook Page with that name. Our company name is Scuderia Southwest LLC and our Monthly event is “Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering - the best cars and coffee event in the country.” What started in 2001 as a couple of guys getting coffee on Saturday mornings grew to a group of guys congregating at Gainey Village. After spending years at Gainey Village we were bursting at the seams and so in April 2016 we moved out to our current Scottsdale 101 location where we now utilize nearly 1000 parking spaces. We have done in the past, and continue to do, other car-related events that are not cars and coffee events. One of those events as mentioned above is our annual Concours in the Hills, a large fundraising event held on the grass around the lake in Fountain Hills.

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