Saturday Recap and Important Info

Saturday Recap and Important Info

We had another great event. The weather was awesome and we had great cars. We even kicked off some on-air participation that we hope to expand upon. But we’re having a hard time this week staying excited about how great of an event it was because of how things went during the exiting.

About once a year we have to crack down on the childish and stupid antics that go on at the exit. Let us be clear - IF THAT’S THE ACTIVITY YOU COME FOR, WHETHER YOU DRIVE OR STAND OUT ON THE SIDEWALK TO WATCH, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME. We will do everything in our power to ban you and make sure you answer to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. It’s idiots like you that that ruin great events like this for the rest of us. The antics that went on last weekend not only disturb and anger the local traffic but also the local businesses. If they don’t support us then the event is at risk. It’s also crazy dangerous. A fool behind the wheel doing stupid stuff with a group of fools lined up on the sidewalk as potential targets watching is a recipe for a life altering event. We support the Phoenix and Scottsdale police departments and we will do everything we can to assist them.

We continually talk internally about the direction of the event and it’s exciting to think about how it has grown. Our soul is in the European sports and rare collector car space. We opened the event up to a wider audience when we moved to the Scottsdale 101 Shopping Center, but this is not a money making venture for us. It’s a hobby and passion, so it won’t hurt us a bit to shrink the event back down.

And now, for the rest of our loyal followers, thanks for coming out and supporting us. We look forward to seeing you again next month and here’s a few pictures from Saturday:

Rob_Mains 1R5A1708_4444.jpg

Exciting info for Saturday's SMG and recap of another amazing CitH

Exciting info for Saturday's SMG and recap of another amazing CitH

Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering is this Saturday

Scuderia Southwest is “On the Air” at the Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering. There’s a new radio show that begins airing this Saturday and Scuderia Southwest is teaming up with them! Sports talk radio show Monty in the Morning is starting up a new weekly car centric radio show called “The Cars and Coffee Show” and they will be broadcasting from our event every month. Tim Montemayor - “Monty”, and Jake Montemayor will be talking all things cars live from 7:00-9:00am on 1580am and 99.3fm The Fanatic and the show will repeat at 11:00am. We’re excited about this and other related things that we’ll be rolling out soon and we’ll be updating you as they get ready.

Our theme for March didn’t come together as originally planned so we’ll select a few special cars and position them on the spotlight row and perhaps do a couple of radio interviews with the owners.

Concours in the Hills Recap

What an amazing time! Thanks everybody for coming out and making the 6th annual Concours in the Hills a huge success!!!! There were Miatas, Mustangs, and Maseratis…Cobras, Cadillacs, and Corvettes…Ferraris, Fiskers, and Fiats…everything you can imagine was there. The US Marines were back in force with a pair of their impressive helicopters and they were joined by three other friends of Scuderia Southwest who also brought out their private helicopters. The race cars were impressive and thanks to Arie Luyendyk, Lynn St James, Harley Cluxton, Didier Theys, and Arie Luyendyk, Jr for opening the show.


We set records in every category. Well over 900 cars, 108 sponsors, and over $155k raised for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. We tried, but we don’t even know how to count the people that were there. At noon it was pretty easy to tell that there were over 25,000 people at that moment but because people and come and go, an hour later an entirely different group of people could be there, so it’s possible that two or three times that many people could have wandered in throughout the day!
We had several award categories and the winners were:
Best Car Club Display: Jaguar Club of Central AZ
Best Import: 1970 Maserati Ghibli, Albee Allstadt
Best Domestic to Mike Shoen's 1968 Lonestar Cobra
Best of Show went to Terry Larson’s 1957 Jaguar D-type racer
A great day was had by all!

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 9.49.45 PM.jpg

Save the date…we’re already on the calendar for next year - February 8, 2020.

We’ve posted a highlight video on our YouTube channel here:
Big shout out to Sean and Ismael at Loud Ninja Productions for producing that amazing video for us. We hope to see more from them in the coming months. Give them a call if you need video production work!

And you can see hundreds of really amazing pictures in our photo gallery here:
Thanks to our photo gang: Toby, Renae, Chris, Scott, and Rob. You’ll be seeing a lot more from them. Stay tuned for a little more detailed introduction of these guys coming soon.

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 10.27.41 AM.jpg

February SMG recap and upcoming CitH

February SMG recap and upcoming CitH

Thanks for coming out! If you missed this last Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering, you missed some great cars. It was red car day and we received a last minute notification that a very special red car would be attending. We did a quick tease on Friday night via Facebook and Instagram. If you’re a Carroll Shelby fan you needed to see this:


This is what was supposed to be the “Cobra III.” Named Lonestar, it is the prototype of what was to be the next generation Shelby Cobra. As you can see, it’s got some Ford GT40 heritage. That’s because Shelby was already on the Ford GT40 project. Here are a few articles to read up on it:
Auto Classics
Hemmings Daily

We also had a couple of the new McLaren Senna. Here’s a shot of one of those completely wild rocket ships :


There’s plenty of more eye candy at

That’s it for now because we’re quite busy gearing up for Concours in the Hills this Saturday. There’s still a lot of work to be done by the end of the week but we promise we’ll be ready for you!
Sign up now if you haven’t already:

See you Saturday!!!

It's a red day tomorrow!

It's a red day tomorrow!


If you’re one of those car owners that thinks red is the only legitimate color for a car, then tomorrow is your day! Tomorrow we’re parking all red cars on the spotlight rows. If you’ve got something special that’s red, let us know and we’ll reserve you a spot. If we have some spots left, we’ll open it up for for a few more drive-ups. We’re using both spotlight rows so we anticipate having a good amount of spaces.

We also expect a couple of special cars to to show up…but we think we’ll just let that be a little surprise ;)

Concours in the Hills is just a few days away so sign up now. New records already being set for car attendance and money raised for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Register here:

Don’t throw away those magazines…bring them each month for the VA Hospital - always appreciated!

So many people are now attending just because of word-of-mouth. Encourage them to sign up for our email list so they can get notified of our activities. Direct link here:

Times, directions, rules, etc. are here:

See you tomorrow!