Please spread the word!!!

We're expanding again!!!  Starting with the December 6, 2014 event we will be be expanding and segmenting the parking lot.   We'll be expanding into the south part of the parking lot, and controlling both sides of the center drive.  We're going to better designate the "marque of the month section" and be more strict about the european exotic section.  We'll be shifting domestic sports cars, non-exotic European cars, specialty and muscle cars into the newly established south section.  See the First Saturday Motorsports Gathering page for a parking lot map, rules, and how we're attempting to classify cars.

If you're showing a car, you'll need to enter from Scottsdale road and come down the center drive.  You'll be directed left or right to get you and your car to the correct display section.

If you're attending as a spectator, you can use any of the other parking lot entrances, but the display areas will be blocked off to automobile access.