Yep, you'll be seeing red...a sea of red!  This Saturday we're going to do a red row spotlight.  We'll line the spotlight rows with some of the hottest red cars around.  Red hot beauties just lined up for you to admire.

In addition to that sea of red, we'll have something else special as well...some really exotic American curves...we promise you'll love it.

As we enter peak season, space will become very tight.  We do our best to make sure we fill out the spots with what we think best represents our soul - rare high performance exotic and collector cars.  As that space gets tight there will be cars that may not get into the controlled area.  Don't get upset and argue with the volunteers, they're doing the best they can while following the direction they've been given.  If you don't make it in, just pull around and park on the periphery, it's  big parking lot.  
As a refresher for how we handle the event, head on over to the web site where you can see "Rules and Tips for Mutual Fun and Enjoyment":

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Don't forget the magazines!  Each month we collect magazines of all types that we deliver down to the Phoenix VA hospital.  You can drop them off at the table as you enter the event.

Heads up - We're swapping the themes for November and December.  We've got some special cars that will be in town in November and they fit nicely in the "pre-75 European Sports Car" category that was previously set for December.  So we're going to move that to November and move the "Over 200 MPH Cars" to the December event.