After much anguish, we've decided to put off Concorso Arizona until next year.  With such a late start, it turned out to be too much to pull off with very limited manpower.  There were key milestones that we needed to start hitting in October and November and it just wasn't happening.  We had big plans and we'll carry those forward to next year.  We think it's a great idea at a great time and we want it to be a first class event.  We want to thank Russo and Steele for being such a great supporter and partner...without them this event couldn't have even been considered.  

In the meantime, join us on December 2nd, for another installment of the monthly Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering.  The spotlight for for this month will be "Over 200 MPH cars"

Also, registration is open for the Concours in the Hills event happening in February.  All proceeds from the event go to support Phoenix Children's Hospital.