Concours in the Hills update

Thanks to everybody!  Concours in the Hills was another tremendous success.  We had 71 sponsors and over 630 vehicles.  We're still tallying up the numbers, but in all categories we are just delighted.  For a few nice pics, head on over to the gallery on our web site - 

Upcoming March Motorsports Gathering

March will be our final show at the Gainey Village location before our big move on April 1st to our new digs at the Scottsdale 101 Shopping Center.  Come on out and help us say thanks to Gainey Village for their years of support.  They've been a great host and what an amazing run it's been.

Directions, rules, etc can be found here:

For March, our spotlight will be on the iconic Shelby name.  We'll line the front row with some truly special cars and we'll fill up the first row parallel with the entrance with as many Shelby-badged vehicles as we can fit.  Shoot us a note if you're a card-carrying Shelby owner and we'll try to save you a spot.  Here are a couple of Shelby Cobra shots from Saturday's Concours in the Hills to whet your appetite:

You can follow us on Instagram now at @scuderiasouthwest and if you're snapping pics too, add our hashtag #sswcars to add to the great pool of shots.