First off, we would like to thank YAM Properties and the tenants of the Scottsdale 101 Shopping Center for providing our new venue for the monthly Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering.

Saturday will be our first event at the new location.  Our theme for the month is Viva Italia.  The spotlight area will feature cool cars from Italy.  Alfas, Lambos, Ferraris, Maserati, Fiat...we'll have the gamut along with our regular crowd of spectacular Porsches and Pagani, Benz's and Beemers, Vipers and Vettes, McLarens and Mustangs.  So if you've got something Italian, we invite you to the first row.  If you've got something truly special, we'll put you right in the middle!  

Don't forget to follow us and use hashtag #sswcars for your Instagram pics! 

See the map below or the details on our web site.  Although there are several entrances to the large parking lot, all will funnel into one entrance for show cars.  As you approach the entrance, please roll your window down and listen for directions.  We've got large sections for cars grouped by American, Italian, British, German, and Asian as well as motorcycles.  This is our first cut at organization so be prepared next time for some possible moving around.  More details can be found on the dedicated Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering page of our web site.

Click on the image and zoom in to see full size.

Click on the image and zoom in to see full size.

There are multiple restaurants that will be open including several that are opening early just for our event.  


Sponsors for this month's event are: