Thanks for coming out!   We blocked off 500 spaces for our April event and we were a little nervous about how sparse it would look.  We didn't want it to look too empty, but we wanted to make sure we had plenty of space.  WE WERE BLOWN AWAY!  We were completely full at 7:20 and there was still a line waiting out on the road.

We already had several things queued up that we were contemplating rolling out over the next several months.  We're considering things like live Internet video broadcasting, DJ and music, a stage area, and maybe even a shaded tent area .  But now we need to figure out space!!!  We'll be noodling on that issue in the coming days and weeks...but what a great problem to have.

We're testing a forum functionality on our web site - give us feedback on Saturday's event.

Follow us on Instagram to get updates of some of our favorite shots. If you have pictures, don't forget to tag them with #sswcars.  You can see the feed here with everybody's contribution.  We'll be posting our official pics of the show over the next few days in a new gallery that you'll be able to access via our website, or directly at


And then there was this:

This is my favorite photo of the event.  This guy is awesome!  I didn't see this, but I'm so glad that our resident photo pro Mr. Urbanic caught this photo.  If anyone knows who he is or how to reach him, I'd love to talk to him.