An update on tomorrow's event:

Yellow posies in celebration of Mother's Day - We'll line up both sides of the center curb with yellow cars.  If we have enough cars we'll create an American row and a European row.  Let us know if you're bringing something yellow and we'll save you a spot.

Last month we weren't sure what our capacity would look like.  We were actually a little nervous that we would have too much empty space.  Well clearly that was not the case, so we'll be dialing back on what we let in.  If you've read our rules page in the past, that's kinda how we'll be handling entrance.  If you've got a Mercedes or BMW four door sedan, while we agree it's a nice car, it's not special enough to gain entrance to the roped off area.  You're definitely welcome to come, but you'll need to park on the outside.  If you've got a project car and you're missing major components like a fender or hood, or you're showing up with bondo and primer, you're on the outside.  If you're in a modern Mustang, it's probably going to need a Shelby badge to get in, unless there's something clearly evident that warrants entry.

We'll be experimenting with a crude ticketing system to try to keep track of the number of cars per section.  As an example, once the German car section gets full, we'll direct you to an unlabeled, overflow row.  If we don't get enough British cars on that row, we'll re-allocate some of those spaces.  

If you're directed to the exterior parking, don't get upset.  Just park and come enjoy.

Please be patient with us, we're trying to figure out the best way to handle the demand.  Let us know in the web site forums or send us a message.  We've got other ideas that we may try in the coming months.

Don't forget to use our hashtag #sswcars if you're posting on Instagram!

As always, details for the event are here:

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Also - Fair warning has been given.  We're cracking down on the exit antics.  Burnouts and speeding are a no-no.  Violators will be banned and you'll likely meet some uniformed friends on the road.