It was a great time last Saturday morning as the temperature was pretty mild during the show.  Lotus/British cars were our focus and we had a few.  We had 22 Lotuses (Loti?) show up and the president of the Lotus club said it was the largest ever gathering in the state.  Models included the Elise, Excel, Elan, Elite, Europa, Esprit, and Evora.  We also had some special showings of Jaguar, Triumph, Austin Healy, McLaren.  Scottsdale Aston Martin even brought out the new DB11.  

As usual, we also had quite the assortment of other amazing marques and you can see them in our photo gallery at:

Next month we'll be lining up red, white, and blue cars to celebrate Independence Day.  Peter is on a quest to find all three colors for each car model.  Our initial scope was American cars but we may do a "worldwide" celebration of American independence.  It'll be a fun time so make your plans now for next month's show on July 1st.  Shoot us a note if you can offer up something in red, white, or blue.