The show was super hot last Saturday as we lined up the spotlight row with some hot German cars.  We had some amazing Audi's, BMW's, Benz's, and Porsches.  Here are a couple of sample picture, but you can see them all at

It was another great day even though we're in the dog day's of summer in Arizona!!!  We historically have fewer cars in the June/July/August timeframe because of the heat and so many head out of town, but this past Saturday was crazy full - well over 600 cars!!!  Now we're about to start "peak" season.

As a reminder, Rus collects magazines every month and delivers them to the VA Hospital.  Through his various sources, he is able to deliver about 150 to the hospital every week.  Please help us support this worthwhile effort.  Do your part and bring those magazines out every month and contribute!

These are fun shows and we have terrific cars and people attending, but it takes a few rules to keep everything clicking.  We have the rules to ensure everything gets done in time, that we support the mall and its retail tenants and we remain a welcome guest, traffic flows smoothly, and that the environment remains safe for people and the very special cars that come out.

Unlike other parking lot car gatherings around town, this is not an open free-for-all event.  Scuderia Southwest LLC is a real entity and we have a real contract with the owner of the Scottsdale 101 Shopping Center - YAM Properties.  We work with YAM to provide private security as well as officers from the Phoenix Police Department.  Not only do we pay to have Phoenix PD roaming within our event, we also contact and encourage Phoenix PD to patrol the streets around our event - especially the exits.  Loud revving is something that is not appreciated by the shopping center tenants and could easily get us on their bad side.  That's why we have a rules for that as well.  We don't want any of the craziness that happens at other events.  If you're into that kind of thing, we're not your kind of event.  It's our intent to have a fun event at a location that welcomes us and that lasts for a very long time!

See all of the rules and info on the dedicated web page for the event:

Next month our spotlight is motorbikes.  Last year was our first time to have motorbikes as our spotlight and it was a very fun event and I'm sure it will be even bigger and better at our new location!