Just a last minute reminder before tomorrow morning’s big event. Don’t forget to bring a toy for the MCSO Youth Assistance Foundation!


Santa has quite a few options to kick up the speed in December. If he wants to get around quickly in one night, with a little help from December’s spotlight cars it should be no problem. He might however have a little more challenge sneaking up quietly! Yep, for December we’ll be lining up the spotlight row with cars that go 200mph or more. Where else can you go to see a Porsche 918 parked next to a LaFerrari and a McLaren P1 and Saleen S7 and a Maserati MC12 and a Ferrari Enzo and F12tdf? We have over 30 speed demons lined up so far. If you’ve got something truly special and it has a manufacturer-documented top speed over 200mph, then let us know and we’ll save you a spot. Sorry, don’t send us a note asking if 198mph is close enough…you’re traveling in the right lane this month!

Auction time is fast approaching and they’ll be out visiting us as well. Russo and Steele and Barrett-Jackson will both have booths set up for you to stop by.

Don’t forget to bring a toy or three for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Youth Assistance Foundation “Stuff the booking van” toy drive. Let’s pile it on!

Also remember to bring all of your used magazines each and every month for our regular VA Hospital distribution. ALL MAGAZINE TYPES are needed.

WORDS OF WISDOM - For those of you that can’t help yourselves when exiting the parking lot, we pay the Phoenix PD to be on site for security and they coordinate at our request with their on-duty pals to hang around Mayo Blvd to pass out personalized notes acknowledging your exceptional performance. If you want to experience thrilling speeds, don’t do it on Mayo - go talk to our friends at Apex about what they’ve got under construction just a few miles south of town.

Dates, times, directions…all here -> https://www.scuderiasouthwest.com/smg/