May 5th Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering

It's May again, and as we've done for several years now, we're lining up everything yellow as a celebration for Mothers Day.  We'll be blocking off and reserving the spaces along the central driveway for yellow cars.  Each year it's gotten bigger and bigger and we're excited to see what people bring out this year!  Here's roughly how we think it will lay out:

You may also notice that we are remarking the parking for the European marques.  Instead of specific rows for German, British, Italian, etc, we are re-labeling to generically European.   

Future months spotlight at SMG

We've updated the calendar on our website with the planned monthly spotlight so you can see what's coming. These are tentative as we occasionally make changes or switch between months in order to accommodate special guests and cars that may be in town.  


If you would like to promote your business, and in turn support the existence of our monthly event, head on over to our sponsorship page: 
Sponsors cover our expenses and without them we couldn't put this event together.  

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