Ok gang - we've got another parking dance happening this weekend.  We'll be shuffling to the west and getting display cars out of the parking lot that is located in front of Ashley Furniture and Hobby Lobby.  We're not reducing any space, just moving a little to the west.  In an effort to cause as little confusion as possible we'll try to only move the car groups that are necessary.  See the parking map below.  

The American section (yellow) will stay in place and we'll expand to northward to utilize the entire area.  This should be 322 spaces and larger than the previous footprint.

The Asian section should be roughly in the same area as before.  On the right side of the green area, it is now 68 spaces.  This should be slightly more than before and won't be affected by spectator parking like before.

The German, British, and Motorcycle section (green) is the largest affected and will move to the west on the other side of the American and Asian section.  Motorcycles will be in the triangular-shaped area.  We should also have a pretty decent sized area for miscellaneous makes and expansion.

In an effort to keep the Monthly Spotlight Row near the center of the event, we're going to line up along the driveway on the north side of the red section.  We'll fill in the shorter rows below that with the Italian and other special guests.  Because we will have traffic going both directions on the driveway and turning both left and right, this could be our big bottleneck during the morning arrival.  Please be patient as we try to work out the logistics.  

We will be saving space for Denny's customers to the south of the red area.  PLEASE DON'T USE THAT AREA - EVEN IF YOU PLAN TO GO TO DENNY'S.  We want to save that area for those Denny's customers that are not part of our event, especially any elderly customers that need to park closer to the restaurant.

Our little event has been quite a success and we want to continue to be welcome.  Please be courteous of the tenant businesses and their needs and support those that are open during our event.  See you Saturday!

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