It's that time of year again and we're extending the July 4th celebration all the way through Saturday.  This Saturday at the Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering, we'll be lining up red, white and blue American cars on the spotlight row.  Peter is on a mission to put some top shelf American muscle on that spotlight row.  If you've got something you feel is worthy of that spotlight row, send an email to Peter and include a photo.  There are limited spots so he's looking for great cars.

95.1/94.9 Oasis radio has been doing some video  interviews and we've started posting them on our youtube channel.  You can see them here:
Watch for more video in the coming months.

Remember to bring those magazines for our VA Hospital delivery.  Any kind of magazine is acceptable.  Family members spend time at the hospital too so any kind is always appreciated.

For directions, time, and rules see here:

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If you're snapping pics tag us or also use our hashtag #sswcars

See you Saturday!