Call for cars

The theme for September is "Pairs: Old & New."  We'll be setting up pairs of cars from different generations.  Examples would be an older Porsche 356 and a new 918, or a 60's era Mustang GT350 paired with a current version.  We have several models lined up already, but here's a list of what we're still looking for:
C7 Corvette ZR1
Old and new Mustang GT 350
Old and new Lamborghini (Countach/Aventador)
Old and new Porsche (356/918)
Older Aston Martin
Jaguar (E-Type and Current F-type)
Mercedes 300SL
Older generation Alfa Romeo

Send a note to Peter - if you've got something above or If you've got an idea for any other interesting pairs.

Heads Up - Another parking lot shuffle!

The property management has given us the ok to move back to our pre-summer configuration.  This will eliminate our current problem where people need to walk across an active driveway to get between parking areas.  We will also go back to blocking one end of the aisles.  All cars will enter on the east and west sides and proceed north to the parking entrance areas.  This is similar to before except we will have two entrances instead of one.  We've had great attendance during the summer but there will only be more cars and people as we get into the cooler months.

Here's a parking lot map.  You can also see it along with other information on our website at:

Scottsdale 101 Site Plan September 2018 Plan.jpg

Concours in the Hills info here:

And don't forget, we collect magazines for the VA Hospital every month.  Any kind of magazine works.  Just drop them with any of the event helpers.

We'll see you Saturday!