Hot cars beats hot weather at the Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering...the country's BEST cars and coffee!
We always worry a little what the participation will be like during the dog days of summer, but we continue to be pleasantly surprised.  We still had over 500 cars and over 2000 people show up this past Saturday.  Our feature this month was high performance German sedans and we had a great assortment of AMG series Mercedes Benz, M-class Beemers, and S and RS versions of Audi.  Of course there were also the new and vintage versions of everything else...from the silver Ferrari Dino, the various GTR's, Aventadors, 488's, E-type Jaguars, Shelby's, Corvettes, and vintage trucks.  The Scottsdale/Phoenix area has the greatest concentration of cars and car lovers anywhere and the know where to congregate on the first Saturday every month.
Here are a few pics from the event courtesy of our resident photographer David Urbanic of Pilotlight Media:
August Pictures
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