If you’re one of those car owners that thinks red is the only legitimate color for a car, then tomorrow is your day! Tomorrow we’re parking all red cars on the spotlight rows. If you’ve got something special that’s red, let us know and we’ll reserve you a spot. If we have some spots left, we’ll open it up for for a few more drive-ups. We’re using both spotlight rows so we anticipate having a good amount of spaces.

We also expect a couple of special cars to to show up…but we think we’ll just let that be a little surprise ;)

Concours in the Hills is just a few days away so sign up now. New records already being set for car attendance and money raised for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Register here:

Don’t throw away those magazines…bring them each month for the VA Hospital - always appreciated!

So many people are now attending just because of word-of-mouth. Encourage them to sign up for our email list so they can get notified of our activities. Direct link here:

Times, directions, rules, etc. are here:

See you tomorrow!