Executive Directors

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Steve Mraovic


Steve is the godfather of our team.  He, and a few friends,  started this endeavor in the summer of 2001.  His passion for exotic cars led to our very existence.  Steve's expertise and craftsmanship are respected throughout the exotic collector world.  We once saw him remove the engine from a Testarossa in 23 seconds, while blindfolded, and holding a small child in one arm.  You'll find Steve's number in the address book of serious collectors everywhere.


Rus Lack

Logistics and Planning

Rus is responsible for the event logistics and planning of our little entity.  He makes sure the trains run on time and that each one actually has a conductor.  And although it's very hard, he facilitates our meetings and actually makes us get through an agenda before we finish. 


Peter Volny

Sales and Marketing

Peter finds and works with our sponsors, lassos tv and newspaper reporters, and generally gets others excited about our activities...all while in a drunken stupor.  

Although he claims he has completely lost his accent, Peter comes from Australia where he graduated in the top 100% of his class at one of the country's top remedial facilities. He was subsequently extradited from Australia in 1971 for an alleged crime involving sheep.

Peter raced cars very unsuccessfully before going into the advertising and marketing business. He retired and moved to Arizona and is the founder of Concours in the Hills. Peter has a Ferrari Daytona, Ford GT and Maserati Gran Turismo. 

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Ethan Golf

Real Estate and Show Logistics

Ethan has a few sandwich shops so he takes care of our real estate agreements.  They must been pretty good sandwiches because today Ethan has a 70th anniversary 488 Spyder and a 458 Speciale Aperta.  Nowadays he has branched out into more discerning restaurants and become a stickler for presentation, whether it's resting on a plate or parked in a row.  Watch out if you try parking at one of our events and you're not at just the precise angle. 

David Crofford profile pic.jpg

David Crofford


Technology and Financials

David strings together the wires and writes the code that allows for the magical digital bits to come to you as words and pictures.  This includes maintaining membership databases, web site, email, and social media interaction with Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, Flickr, etc.  He also handles the financials for our little endeavor.

After 30 years in the IT business, David had a mental breakdown and went to go live in a tree in the woods.  He was quite burdensome to the gnomes that lived there. After a while, to get him to leave, they said they would grant him a wish...and so, today, you can see him tooling around in a 458 Speciale.