Mission Statement

Inclusive, yet provide a focus....camaraderie, tech talk and sharing, help in keeping vintage cars alive 

Scuderia Southwest is a group of people who share a common interest in great automobiles; sports cars, exotics, muscle cars and classics.

We love all cars, but we have a particular passion for European exotics.  The monthly Motorsports Gathering is a reflection of that.  The focus and center of the event is about European exotics.  Other cars (muscle, rods, motorcycles, etc.) are welcome too, as long as we have room.  There are multiple venues around town that focus on those other classes and make them the center of attention.  We tried to make the event bigger and create designated spots for different car types, but because people felt their car was not in a "special area", they were being discriminated against.  We're just trying to have fun, it's an all volunteer event, and it wasn't worth the headache.  We'll try it again some day but for now we're blocking the European exotic area and anything else is open.