First Saturday Motorsports Gathering rules and guidelineS.

If you plan to attend, or show a vehicle at our exciting First Saturday Motorsports Gathering (a.k.a. 'Cars and Coffee'), please be aware of the following rules. Some of it is common sense, some of it is for keeping the event safe and lawful, and a lot of it pertains purely to the logistics of preparing and organizing an event of this unique size and magnitude. This is a private, and permitted event. We work closely with the property owners, businesses, and the local police department to ensure a safe and respectful environment. This is not a free-for-all, or 'first come, first served' car show. While at any one event there may be hundreds of cars, valued in the multiple millions of dollars, our goal has always been to provide an enjoyable, casual, and unpretentious atmosphere for everyone in attendance.



First and foremost, each month we have a theme for a featured brand or type of vehicles to be highlighted. If you have something that falls into that month's category, or if you have something particularly exceptional, contact us. We will reserve a spot for you! Preference is typically extended to the rare, high performance, and collector cars. If you have a group of specific cars coming together, let us know and we will try to keep you together.


Social media is awash with dramatic and embarrassing videos of 'cars and coffee' burnouts, street racing, and general hooning. There is no place for that here. We do not tolerate it, nor do the fine police officers who work with us to keep the event safe and manageable. We also aim to extend the utmost courtesy to the property owners, local businesses, and broad demographic of spectators by refraining from any loud revving of engines. This is a family friendly, and community event. Save the horsepower for a track day. If you and your car become infamous on Jalopnik or YouTube for being foolish, you will not be permitted back into the main show area for any subsequent shows.

Networking and Promotion.

The First Saturday Motorsports Gathering is an incredible place to network, make new friends, and build relationships. Get out there, shake hands, rub elbows. But, please leave all overt marketing to our paid sponsors and on-site businesses. Distribution of flyers, or posting ads and banners on your car is strictly prohibited without prior approval. Do you have a great business or cause you would like to promote? Contact us first, or secure one of our limited sponsorship spots for an upcoming show!

If you are arriving in a vehicle for display, no need to stress out. If you have something truly exceptional, and/or have contacted us ahead of time, we should already have a place for you. For everyone else, and/or once you are on-site, we have an excellent team of knowledgable and experienced volunteers that will direct each vehicle to the applicable, designated areas. You bring the car, we will do the rest. As always, space can sometimes become limited, in which case we appreciate your understanding if your car cannot make it into the main showcase area.

logistics and arrival.