Pricing and Configurations.

Sidewalk tables up to 6’ long (table space only, no display area) - $250.
Parking space only (car use only) - $250, two spaces $400, four spaces $500
10x10 tent and two additional parking spaces - $500
10x20 tent and two additional parking spaces - $750
Other custom options available on request.

Space must be reserved and purchased 8 days prior to the event. Reservations made after that time are subject to a pricing premium of $250 as we have space planning completed.

Banner Space
THIS OPTION CURRENTLY ON HOLD UNTIL WE WORK OUT A FEW LOGISTICAL ISSUES. We now are offering space on the event barricades to hang your business banner.  Optimal banner size is 2x6 and need to have grommets to be attached.  You provide us the banner(s) and we'll hang them.  Specific locations not guaranteed at this time.  We're working on a reservation system the will allow reserving certain locations.
$25 per banner per month with four month minimum.

Setup Rules

Tent setup should be completed by 6:00am and then down immediately at the close of the show at 10:00am.
Available tent setups are 10x10 and 10x20.  You must provide 6 feet of clearance between the side of your tent and the adjacent parking space to provide adequate walkway space between the tent and first parked car in the row.  

Parking Spaces
If you've purchased a parking space, you are free to park in any spot in the appropriate vehicle row.  For example, if you're displaying an Italian car, you need to park in the Italian row.  If you're bringing a group of cars of different makes, you are welcome to park them all together.

Table display accommodates a table up to 6' long.  The table display must include a table cloth/covering that reaches from table top to ground.  Table setup should be completed by 6:00am.