Pricing - Effective beginning with the November 2017 event.

Sidewalk tables up to 6’ long (table space only, no display area) - $300.
Parking space only (car use only) - $300, two spaces $500, four spaces $800
10x10 tent only uses two side by side spaces - $500
10x10 tent and two additional spaces (2x2 parking spaces) - $800
10x20 tent only (2x2 parking spaces) - $800

Banner Space
We now are offering space on the event barricades to hang your business banner.  Optimal banner size is 2x6 and need to have grommets to be attached.  You provide us the banner(s) and we'll hang them.  Specific locations not guaranteed at this time.  We're working on a reservation system the will allow reserving certain locations.
$25 per month, per banner

Setup Rules

Every spot in the picture below is not available.  This only depicts possible locations.  We limit the number of vendors each month.  

Tent setup should be completed by 6:00am and then down immediately at the close of the show at 10:00am.
See the below picture for POSSIBLE tent locations.  Available tent setups are 10x10 and 10x20.  In the picture where 10x20 tents are shown, it could become two 10x10 tents.  
A 10x10 tent fits within two side-by-side parking spaces.  You must provide 6 feet of clearance between the side of your tent and the adjacent parking space to provide adequate walkway space between the tent and first parked car in the row.  See picture A below.
A 10x20 tent fits across 4 parking spaces.  The 6 feet of walkway space would be at the front of the tent.  See the picture B below.

Parking Spaces
If you've purchased a parking space, you are free to park in any spot in the appropriate vehicle row.  For example, if you're displaying an Italian car, you need to park in the Italian row.

Table display accommodates a table up to 6' long.  Any materials must fit on the table or immediately behind it, no display expansion to the sides.  The table display must include a table cloth/covering that reaches from table top to ground.  Table setup should be completed by 6:00am.