October SMG - Jaguars on the prowl!

We'll have the cats uncaged in October.  On Saturday the 1st The Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering will feature Jaguar.  There are quite a few primo cats in the Valley and we'll have a few lined up in the front row.  If you got one bring it on out!  If not, come on out a take a peek.  In the meantime, here's a few prime examples from past gatherings to hold you over:

September - First ever gathering featuring motorbikes!

Join us on Saturday the 3rd for something new - for the first time ever, our monthly feature will be of the two-wheeled variety.  We're going to fill up the front line with motorcycles.  GoAZ, Ridenow Chandler, and Phoenix MV Agusta, will be there to help coordinate - thanks guys for your support!  

European bikes, American bikes, racers, cruisers, mopeds, scooters, choppers...even jet powered bikes...I'm sure we'll see a bit of everything.

As always, rules, directions, time...all posted here - http://www.scuderiasouthwest.com/motorsports-gathering/

Porsche Day at the Motorsports Gathering

Thanks to everyone that made it out to our August event this past Saturday!  We usually expect smaller crowds during this time of year because of the heat, but participation for August was outstanding!  Thanks to Richard Cvijanovich at Porsche Chandler for sponsoring this month and also thanks to Jan Mackulak and Rook Younger from the Porsche Club of America, Arizona Region for coordinating the parking lineup.

Here are a few pics from the show:

Next month we're going to do something we've never done before...shine the spotlight on motorbikes.  Stay tuned for more info on that as well as other upcoming events.

Our calendar so far:



August gathering - an update!

Ein besonderer Tag für unsere Porsche Freunde!

** A quick update:

Porsche Chandler, Arizona's newest Porsche dealer and our August sponsor, will be out to visit us at the gathering this month.  They'll be pretty prominent  at our little event this month so drop by, say hi, and welcome them to the Valley!

Since we're mentioning a new sponsor, we'd also like to give a shout-out to long time supporter Oliver Smith Jewelers.  If you didn't know, Oliver is the one that pulled the strings to get the coffee cart out for us.  Oliver says they have a big sale on estate jewelry that we should check out.  Go in and ask for Wanda.  Go by and check it out and say thanks for their long time support!

On Saturday, August 6th, the monthly spotlight will shine on our Porsche friends.  We'll line up some special selections along the front for all to see.  From the early classics to the latest hypercars, they all come to hang out with us for some good talk and primo java.  We'll see you there!

If you've got something special, drop us a note and we'll save you a spot.

Schlagen Sie die Hitze und kommen früh!  (Beat the heat and come early)!


As always, you can see event details like timedirections, and rules at: