New info for Dec 6 monthly Motorsports Gathering!!!!!

Please spread the word!!!

We're expanding again!!!  Starting with the December 6, 2014 event we will be be expanding and segmenting the parking lot.  See the map posted below.  We'll be expanding into the south part of the parking lot, and controlling both sides of the center drive.  We're going to better designate the "marque of the month section" and be more strict about the european exotic section.  We'll be shifting domestic sports cars, non-exotic European cars, specialty and muscle cars into the newly established south section.  See the First Saturday Motorsports Gathering page for rules and how we're attempting to classify cars.

If you're showing a car, you'll need to enter from Scottsdale road and come down the center drive.  You'll be directed left or right to get you and your car to the correct display section.

If you're attending as a spectator, you can use any of the other parking lot entrances, but the display areas will be blocked off to automobile access.

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Drive to Prescott!!

On Saturday, November 15th, while the rest of the country preps for snow, it's our time to shine!  Now is your chance to get your car out for some much needed exercise on some great back roads to Prescott.  
After the drive we'll have lunch at one of our favorite Italian eateries, Genovese's.  They will be rolling out the red carpet for us.  So, you won't want to miss it.
We will meet at 8:30am at the McDonald's at Carefree Highway and I17, and hit the road at 9.

Click here to register or RSVP.


Motorsports Gathering Parking Issues

A note from Dino:

What with the F1 race in Austin taking up much of our attention, I was amazed at the continued great turnout for the Motorsports Gathering.  From my vantage point, I could count 15 Ford GTs!  15!  I can't remember seeing that many in one grouping before.  Thanks to the guys for bringing them out and being our honored marque.

Speaking of that, I recently read an email from a disgruntled attendee, that he and his friend and their cars, were not given the 'love' that they felt they deserved, insofar as a prime parking spot goes.  As popular as the 'Gathering' has become, this is put together on a volunteer basis by a small group of long time friends, whose passion leans towards exotic cars.  While we feature different marques and themes every month, exotic cars (primarily European) is the foundation, and will remain the core.  Everything else is an augment, and as a result will be parked more towards the periphery.  Everyone would appreciate it that if instead of making a scene at what is supposed to be a fun, low stress event, you realize the nature of the event, grab a spot, have some coffee and enjoy the morning.  Life is too short.  There are no egos or snobbery towards anyone or their cars.  Just realize the exotic nature of the core and act accordingly.

On behalf of the 'Usual Suspects', I want to thank everyone for staying out of the fire lanes, as well as not drag racing in front of the event.  I've got a full newsletter this week.  Don't miss the drive to Prescott next week (info below).  So, enough from me...

Until next time...



Ferrari 60th Anniversary

Ferrari celebrated 60 years in the US in a Big way, with a shindig on Rodeo Drive.  There was an introduction to the new F60 and a gathering of almost 1000 Ferraris.  It was Prancing Horse heaven, and some of our 'Usual Suspects' made the journey.  Here are some images...

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