The November edition of the gathering...

Join us November 7th for our First Saturday Motorsports Gathering at Gainey Village.  Our featured car for November is the Ford GT.  We have quite the collection here in the valley and there will be many fine examples on the 7th.   All the details for the event including location, times, and rules, can be found HERE.

We'll also be celebrating a reunion of some of the founders of our little event as well.  It's quite amazing how the gathering of a couple of friends has turned into the premier event in the area, and quite possibly the best cars and coffee event in the country.  Originally three to four cars at the Coffee Bean turned into fifteen cars, then fifty, and today the entire parking lot of Gainey Village!

In the beginning...there were few...

...and then there were a few more...

...and now there are many!


Here are a few photos from the October gathering...enjoy!


New event for 2016 Car Week!

Heads up!  We're planning a special edition of "The Gathering."  We're starting to put plans together to host a special gathering on January 30th.  This will be the final weekend of Car Week in the valley.  Same time, same location, and as always...amazing cars!  For all of those people that will be traveling to the Phoenix area for that week, come on out to the premier cars and coffee event - the Motorsports Gathering by Scuderia Southwest.  Stay tuned for updates...and as usual, you can see our standard event info here ->

The August Gathering is Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

Eine Versammlung der Porsches...A gathering of Porsches, this Saturday.  At this month's gathering, we'll be celebrating Porsche.  We have a few very special examples that we'll line up on the front row, and we'll fill the the main paddock with the rest.  There'll be coffee if you bring the Porsche and strudel!

As usual, the details are here: