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Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering - Big news for an even bigger gathering...we're adding more space!  Yep, we've already outgrown our new larger space.  So just eight months into our new location we're significantly upgrading.  We'll be adding about 350 more spaces to relieve the space issue we've been trying to deal with.  Remember, everyone is a volunteer so please be patient with us as we work out the logistics for how the space is laid out and how traffic is directed.  We're sure there'll be a few growing pains but just bear with us.  As we spread out, make sure to visit and support the local merchants.  They'll continue to support us as we continue to support them. 
Also, keep track of event directions, times, parking layout, and rules by reviewing the Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering web page at:

The spotlight for November is "Pre-1975 European Cars"  
The spotlight for December is "Over 200MPH Cars"

Help Wanted - We're on the lookout for help.  We are looking for technology skills, drone videography/photography skills, and event day management help.  Check out our latest needs at: