The July show is coming it'll be a patriotic showing.  We're spotlighting some special Red, White, and Blue American cars on the showcase row and lining up lots of other Red, White and Blue cars  as well.

Peter is on a quest to get three copies of a particular car in each of the colors and line them up together.   For example, he's looking to do a set of three 60's era Corvettes and three new C7 Corvettes.  Other red, white, and blue trios he's planning are Vipers, Ford GT's, Mustangs, GTO's, and Camaro's.  Here's what we have so far and what we're still looking for:

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 12.54.54 PM.jpg

If you can help fill an "open" spot let us know.  If you can pull together any additional trio's let us know that too!