We had another great event. The weather was awesome and we had great cars. We even kicked off some on-air participation that we hope to expand upon. But we’re having a hard time this week staying excited about how great of an event it was because of how things went during the exiting.

About once a year we have to crack down on the childish and stupid antics that go on at the exit. Let us be clear - IF THAT’S THE ACTIVITY YOU COME FOR, WHETHER YOU DRIVE OR STAND OUT ON THE SIDEWALK TO WATCH, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME. We will do everything in our power to ban you and make sure you answer to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. It’s idiots like you that that ruin great events like this for the rest of us. The antics that went on last weekend not only disturb and anger the local traffic but also the local businesses. If they don’t support us then the event is at risk. It’s also crazy dangerous. A fool behind the wheel doing stupid stuff with a group of fools lined up on the sidewalk as potential targets watching is a recipe for a life altering event. We support the Phoenix and Scottsdale police departments and we will do everything we can to assist them.

We continually talk internally about the direction of the event and it’s exciting to think about how it has grown. Our soul is in the European sports and rare collector car space. We opened the event up to a wider audience when we moved to the Scottsdale 101 Shopping Center, but this is not a money making venture for us. It’s a hobby and passion, so it won’t hurt us a bit to shrink the event back down.

And now, for the rest of our loyal followers, thanks for coming out and supporting us. We look forward to seeing you again next month and here’s a few pictures from Saturday:

Rob_Mains 1R5A1708_4444.jpg