It's a red day tomorrow!

It's a red day tomorrow!


If you’re one of those car owners that thinks red is the only legitimate color for a car, then tomorrow is your day! Tomorrow we’re parking all red cars on the spotlight rows. If you’ve got something special that’s red, let us know and we’ll reserve you a spot. If we have some spots left, we’ll open it up for for a few more drive-ups. We’re using both spotlight rows so we anticipate having a good amount of spaces.

We also expect a couple of special cars to to show up…but we think we’ll just let that be a little surprise ;)

Concours in the Hills is just a few days away so sign up now. New records already being set for car attendance and money raised for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Register here:

Don’t throw away those magazines…bring them each month for the VA Hospital - always appreciated!

So many people are now attending just because of word-of-mouth. Encourage them to sign up for our email list so they can get notified of our activities. Direct link here:

Times, directions, rules, etc. are here:

See you tomorrow!

Concours in the Hills is in TWO WEEKS !!!!

Concours in the Hills is in TWO WEEKS !!!!

OK gang, it’s almost here. Concours in the Hills is in two weeks. It’s bigger and better than ever. We’ll be stretching two-thirds of the way around the lake, possibly more! Tell all your friends! Race cars, sports cars, exotic cars, muscle cars, strange cars, common cars, military vehicles, trucks, SUV’s, Jeeps, motorcycles, and yes - even helicopters…you name it, it’ll be there, and you can take part too.
If you picked up something new at the recent auctions then bring it on out.
There’ll be three separate entrances this year and the town is even shutting down Saguaro Blvd to accommodate the event.
There’ll be more food and drink…and more restrooms ;)
You can even bring your own picnic basket as some of the car clubs are doing.

It’s all to support Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Register at:
Just click on REGISTER in the top menu. Bring one car, two cars, or ten cars! The tax deductible registration fee goes directly to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, no middle man.

You can see a few pictures from last year here:

CitH Flyer.jpeg

January SMG Recap and What's Coming Up

January SMG Recap and What's Coming Up

January Event Recap

The January Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering was another huge success - thanks everybody for your continued support!!! We had about two dozen concours-level collector cars that we put on the spotlight row. Where else can you see in one place a 1909 Delage Voiturette Racer and 1926 Bentley next to a 1966 Ferrari 330, a 1962 Ferrari 250GTE, a 1947 Cadillac 2 door Coup, pristine 62 and 63 Corvettes, Shelby Mustangs and even a 1952 Chevy Suburban towing a 1948 Palace Royale - a very big special thanks to those that brought them out.

These are just a few. As always, you can see more pics taken around the show here:

And on the topic of pictures…

January was the last show that our resident photographer David Urbanic is able to attend. He’s off on his odyssey to Maryland and we wish him luck. Multiple people have expressed a desire to help with photography. I’ll be talking with photographers over the next few weeks to come up with a replacement process. I’m open to different ideas and would love to hear your thoughts. Here’s my current thought process: We need coverage for every single event, it’s not an opportunity to do something once in a while. I’m looking for a team of possibly 3-4 photographers. This would provide coverage for someone needing to miss a month for some personal reason and it would also let us cover more area at the events. This is a volunteer position, but as Mr. Urbanic can attest, the exposure leads to quite a few paid gigs if that’s what you're interested in (example 1, 2, 3, 4). The photos would need to be owned by Scuderia Southwest as we use them not only on the website, but also various newspaper and magazine publications, although your name will be credited. We have no plans to sell any photos, however in the future we may restrict high resolution versions to members of a potential Scuderia Southwest membership organization.
If you’re interested, send me an email -

February Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering

With Valentine’s Day coming next month you’ll be seeing red…yep, our spotlight theme for the month for February is Red Sports Cars. We’ll be utilizing the spotlight row on both sides of the center curb. No sedans this time as your Valentine wants to go fast in something with two doors, racy, sexy, and RED. This would be the little red Corvette, the prototypical red Ferrari, as well as Lambos, Mustangs, etc. We’ll be allocating space based on submissions so if you’ve got something you want to enter, send us a note. We can’t take everything because there’s plenty of red out there. We’ll be prioritizing based on what we think will show well. Also, as there are various shades of red, we’ll be prioritizing RED over plum, maroon, burgundy, salmon, coral, etc - LOL! If we have space we’ll loosen the restriction, but sometimes we get a gazillion emails.

We’ll also reserve a bit of space for those of you that buy something interesting at the auctions if you’d like to show it off. Again, just let us know.

Also, we’ve gotten quite a bit of attendance from various trucks, Jeeps, military vehicles and such. We thought we’d set up a dedicated aisle starting next month and we hope you’ll like it. We’ll be working on location and signs. Watch for an update in the next blog.

Concours in the Hills

It’s time! The 2019 Concours in the Hills is here. We’re less than 30 days away - Saturday February 9th! This is our annual fundraiser for Phoenix Children’s Hospital held on the grass around the lake in Fountain Hills. Each year has gotten bigger and bigger. We’re stretching even farther around the lake this year! People are hard at work with the preparations, even these two knuckleheads were working on it today during lunch:

It will be a huge and fun event. Get your tickets now as the price will be higher on the day of the event.
Click on the “Register” menu item at the top of the page at
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - sign up now as Peter is a nervous wreck!!!

Magazines for the VA Hospital

Your magazine donations have been great, keep them coming. Just bring them by the center aisle and drop them off. Remember it can be any kind of magazine. We, and they, appreciate your support!