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What is Scuderia Southwest up to? Part 2
By David Crofford
Posted on 8/13/2019 3:26 PM

Part 2:  What we've implemented

We've implemented a membership program (news) to provide a common community that can participate together in events and also communication.

Membership is in the Scuderia Southwest car club.  It is not a membership to an event.  

Membership has multiple benefits, one of which is eligible entry into the Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering.  We've received some inquiries on this topic so we want to make sure this is clear.  We're starting the event back up again on September 7th (news) and we've modified the rules.  We have cut down the number of display parking spaces from around 1000, to a much smaller number - approximately 275 or so, depending on how we finalize the parking configuration. This event is for "exotics, rare high performance, and collector cars." Everyone is invited to attend and socialize but if you want to also bring a car for display it needs to fit this category.  You can see the rules for the SMG here: Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering 

Scuderia Southwest puts on multiple car events and we plan to do even more.  Each of those events will have it's own posted rules that could be different from event to event.  We could do an American Muscle Car event, or a pre-1970 British Car event, or a Mopar only event.  The Concours in the Hills event is an "all are welcome" event.

We are scheduling other members only events such as drives, social activities, garage tours, etc.

We looked for over a year for a platform that supported our current needs and was extensible for new things we want to do in the future.  We've now implemented it.  I'll discuss some of the functionality in the next post.

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