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IMPORTANT - Monthly SMG at Risk
By David Crofford
Posted on 2/14/2020 2:55 PM
We need your help.
In order to continue having an event like our monthly Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering, we need to immediately fix a significant issue.  We need to address the problem at the exit of our venue.  The crowd of people that gathers on the sidewalks and median to take video of cars exiting the parking lot is a problem.  The exiting cars that feel compelled to show off for that crowd is a problem.  
The mall has informed us that our contract will be terminated and the event WILL BE CANCELLED if this problem isn't fixed immediately.  
It's dangerous to the crowd as well as other people that live and shop in the area.  
We welcome spectators to come into the monthly event and walk up to the cars, take pictures and talk to the owners. If you would like to continue to have this event each month we need your help in clearing off the sidewalks and taming the exit.  Don't congregate on the outside sidewalks of the mall and pass the word on to your friends. If you are one of the drivers that can't control yourself when exiting then we don't want you at the event.   

The people in BOTH of these pictures are putting the event in jeopardy:

One of the several videos taken: 


Let's resolve this problem and get back to the fun event that we all enjoy.  We look forward to seeing everybody again on March 7th, but if this issue isn't resolved it could be the final event.

The gang at Scuderia Southwest

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