Scuderia Southwest Festival of Speed Entry Application 

Thank you for submitting your automobile for the Scuderia Southwest Festival of Speed.  Due to the volume of entrants in previous years, we require a completed application to make acceptance decisions.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

You will need the following information to complete this application:

  • Name, phone, and email of the owner and driver of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle year, make, model, VIN, and color. 
  • Vehicle history or special specifications.
  • If you would like to submit more than one vehicle, just fill out the form again.  There will be a link after each submission as well
  • You'll receive an email with the data you provided.  The email will come from Google Forms. 


  • Current vehicle insurance will be required to enter and a copy will be required for cars that are admitted.
  • Photos may be requested as a followup.

Final automobile acceptance is at the sole discretion of the Scuderia Southwest selection committee. 

Acceptance notifications should begin on Wednesday evening the 19th.