Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering

Time and Location

7:00-10:00am on the first Saturday of every month - It's free!

Scottsdale 101 Shopping Center
7000 E Mayo Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85054

Our new layout!!!  More space starting with our November event!

Rules and Tips for Mutual Fun and Enjoyment

Wow!  We’ve really grown over the years but the event has gotten so big we need to post some rules.  People have been great, but there are a few things that everyone should know in order for things to go smoothly  

First - a guiding philosophy statement:

We love all cars, but we have a particular passion for the rare high performance and collector cars.  The monthly Motorsports Gathering is a reflection of that.  The focus and center of the event is about these cars.  There's limited space.  There's a possibility that some months you may not get in.  If you're in a a four door Chevy Malibu, don't even get in line, just go to the spectator parking area.  If your in a BMW M5, you'll probably get in during the summer, but your chances will probably go down during the peak months.  A 1955 Jaguar D-type will get in before a recent F-type.  Rare vintage stuff and super-exotics will always get preference - that's the reason the show exists.

Now some rules:

  • This is a private and permitted event.  We work with the property owners, business owners, and Police Department.  It's not a free-for-all or first-come-first-serve event.  Every month we have people that want to argue about this.  Get a life, it's a friendly gathering.
  • No entry into the show area before 6:00am unless specifically directed by the staff.
  • If you're showing a car, there are multiple entrances to the shopping center, but there is only one entry into the show area.  See the diagram on this page, watch for the signs at the event, and follow the directions of the parking attendants.  
  • We have a few people providing parking directions.  Please roll your windows down when you arrive and listen to the directions.
  • We've created rough areas for different car types.  We may move them around depending on expected turnout.  Listen for directions and watch for the signs.
  • No racing or burnouts entering or exiting the event.  There are plenty of action photographers standing out on the corner, but don't do it or you’ll be the one signing autographs for the Scottsdale or Phoenix PD.  We post on our wall of shame so there'll be pics and videos of you getting that ticket or looking immature racing down the street.  Above all else, it's dangerous!  Just look on YouTube at events around the country where someone loses control...we don't want anyone to get hurt, please don't do it!  ***Update*** There are plenty of examples around the country where this has gotten out of control and shows get cancelled or somebody gets hurt.  IF WE SEE YOU (including photos and youtube videos), YOU WILL BE BANNED.  
  • No unauthorized commercial activity.  No signs or ads on your vehicle or you’ll be asked to leave.  No passing out flyers or solicitations without prior approval.  A few sponsorships are available each month if you'd like to promote something.  Info can be found here.
  • Respect others' property.  No touching or opening cars that don’t belong to you.  Our parents taught most of us that when we were kids.  This means no leaning on cars for photos either.  This stuff doesn’t happen all that often, but we do have to say it a few times each season and it’s no fun to have other participants yell at you, and they will sometimes.
  • No loud revving of your motor...there are businesses around that are nice enough to allow us to put on this event.  Let's not piss them off.
  • There are businesses open during the event so be respectful of their parking needs.  If this turns into a problem we won't be welcome.  There are a few places coned off for a couple of the business, please respect those spots.
  • If you’re coming with a large group of specific types of cars, please let us know ahead of time and we may be able to accommodate you parking together.
  • It's a rain or shine event...we don't cancel or reschedule.  If it rains in January, use your umbrella.  If it rains in June, join us for a big group dance!
  • Support the local merchants so that they will continue to support us!  Several open early just for us.    
  • Each month we do a focus brand or topic.  We'll typically line those cars up along the center aisles.  Also along the center aisles is where we'll place some very special cars.  If you have something really special we'll put you in this reserved, invitation-only area.  

We will modify these rules from time to time after we see something either stupid or smart that we didn’t think of before.  If you have an idea, send us an email.  Our goal is to have fun, not take ourselves too seriously, and we try to discourage the self-absorbed from ruining a good time for all.