Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering

Want to reach the most enthusiastic car lovers in the valley? Looking for the car guys and gals who spend huge amounts on cars and maintenance? We have them by the thousands on the first Saturday of each month at the Motorsports Gathering. In just a few action packed hours you will meet more prospective customers than you can even handle - just ask any of our previous sponsors. Beginning April 2017 at our new location at the Scottsdale 101 Shopping Center, we'll host as many as six sponsors each month and it is strictly limited to those in the automobile-related business. 

To enquire please contact:

Peter Volny - peter@scuderiasouthwest.com - 480.773.9070
David Crofford - david@scuderiasouthwest.com - 480.463.4966

Festival of Speed

The Festival of Speed is an annual fundraising event and a kickoff for the car season here in the Valley.  This event is held in a large area typically on grass.  Our last event was November 12, 2016 on the lawn in front of the McCormick Hotel benefiting the Phoenix Children's Hospital where we had over 250,000 square feet of space and over 1200 feet of Scottsdale Road frontage.  Different levels of sponsorship are available and these are not limited to car related businesses.  For additional info or to reserve a spot, please contact Peter.

Concours in the Hills

Please see here for sponsorship info - http://www.concoursinthehills.org/index.php/sponsors/

Other opportunities

Soon we may have opportunities for sponsoring other events like social gatherings and drives.